Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

No matter what characteristics you have as an entrepreneur, there are always certain characteristics for the successful ones. Although successful entrepreneurs come from different upbringings, geographic locations, social classes and income brackets, they all have common traits as follows:

Full Determination

Set clear goals when operating your Edmonton-based business. This will help you in growing your business, increase your sales, and recruit new employees requiring micro-goals within them for successful execution. You should have the determination to attend to any task vested for you; otherwise, there will be a good chance for you to crumble under pressure.

Risk Taker

Most of the successful entrepreneurs have already gone through major risks in and outside their business career in Edmonton. Risks may come in different ways and they deal with them differently. You may think this would not be possible to start an enterprise with little money, but it really is. This is where the successful people take into play as they take all the possible risks for their business.

High Confidence Level

Entrepreneurs with high confidence level have the ability to get their job done even they are under the most stressful conditions. They have a better understanding of the fact that big rewards come from big challenges. Such mentality is similar to those businesspeople that can spot any opportunity even in the littlest chance available. A successful entrepreneur puts concentrates on how to get to the finish line and get the rewards when being challenged.

Crave for Learning

Constantly learn to stay sharp in managing your business in Edmonton. Those who grow through constant learning will stay on top as industries change and evolve constantly. Be reminded of the presence of your competitors, claiming to be the next greatest thing. Staying sharp enables you to avoid being passed by the others in the industry. Just do everything you can to learn and absorb new information.

Wise Money Management

You will be able to effectively continue your work when you pay services, promote and market your enterprise, purchase inventory, pay yourself, and repair and replace equipment and tools. Income and expenses are the primary aspects of wise money management. Make sure that the cash of your business keeps flowing and its bills are being paid.

Passion for Business

Passion fuels the necessary drive and determination for success whether you are still starting-up a business or purchasing a business with proven track record. Enjoy what you are doing since there are possibilities that your business will consume you. Obstacles and stress will only add-up and will eventually be the cause for your collapse if you do not have passion for your business.

Expertise in Networking

Networking requires the establishment of meaningful value-based relationships leading to beneficial long-term relationships and business opportunities. Constantly network with Edmonton people who can help your business at present and in the future. Always extend help to someone and give him or her value before thinking on the benefit of the relationships.

Be always reminded of these traits if you aim to be a successful entrepreneur. So, buy your business in great deals. Just check the online hub Business for Sale Edmonton for buy/sell-related information.

How to Choose the Best Bali Hotels

Everyone who plans to visit Bali must think about the best Bali hotels where they can stay and enjoy the best accommodation. The term “the best” here is obviously relative as different people have different needs and preferences that often dictate what kind of accommodation is considered the best for them. Backpackers may prefer staying at a cheap hotel, but tourists who wish to enjoy the atmosphere of this tropical paradise fully will definitely choose a more luxurious stay. If you need help to choose a hotel in Bali that is the best for you, two factors that you have to mind are the hotel’s location and the types of service and facility that the hotel offers based on whom you are traveling with.


Location is definitely the most important factor to mind when you are looking for the best hotel to stay in Bali. You may ever hear people who say that the best location is the one located near airport because it is more accessible, but that isn’t always true as you only need access to airport only when you arrive at Bali and when you want to leave it. The more important issue to mind is actually the main activities that you want to do during your stay in Bali. If you plan to sunbathe a lot at daytime and enjoy great cuisines at night, choosing a hotel near Kuta and Legian beaches is an excellent decision. The beaches are simply the best in Bali and at night, you can enjoy great foods and drinks at nearby Hard Rock Café and night clubs. If you are looking for more serene attraction, find a hotel in Ubud or any places in the northern and eastern parts of the island instead.

Whom You Are Traveling with

Another important factor to mind is whether you are alone or with someone else. If you visit Bali with your family, choosing a hotel with children’s attractions, such as swimming pool and children’s playing area, is definitely a good choice. If you are a honeymooner, you may want to choose a hotel in a more secluded place or a villa with private swimming pool. If you travel with your friends, hotel with excellent nightlife attractions is a great choice.

You don’t have to visit every hotel in Bali to learn more about its facilities, services and features. Internet is a great tool for you to do the necessary research. Therefore, if you already make decision concerning the location and the type of accommodation that you want to choose, open your web browser now and check out all best Bali hotels that meet your criteria.

Business Owner or Consultant: Which Career Choice Post-MBA Leads to a Bigger Salary?

earn an MBA

When you earn an MBA, a number of opportunities open up for you. There’s the promotion at work or getting hired at another company that offers better advancement opportunities. However, after honing your drive and getting used to being independent as you earn your online degree, you may want to strike it out on your own. Choosing between becoming a business owner and becoming a consultant involves looking at your goals, your funds, and your aptitudes.

Choosing the Right Program

Check out the variety of MBA programs available at There are some that focus more on the skills you’ll need as a business owner – including business management, business planning, and marketing – and others that will focus on skills that will benefit you as a public speaker. Either way, you’ll need to choose a specialization that will come in handy as you become an expert in the field for consulting work or your work on innovative products in the industry. However, general MBA programs will serve you well regardless of the path you choose.

Business Owner

You can’t become a business owner unless you have enough capital or good credit and an outstanding business plan that you can present to a banker to secure a business loan. Even then, many business owners operate in the red for the first few years and take minimal salaries so they can invest most revenue into their business. However, the potential for a greater salary is there – if your business is one day a success. You could even channel experience as a successful business owner into a career as a consultant, using your company’s success on your resume.


Consultants typically draw income per engagement, so your level of success depends on how many jobs you can secure. There are a variety of ways to approach consultant work, including both as a lecturer and an expert who works more closely with an individual or business to work toward improvement. Being a consultant requires little to no initial investment and provides less risk than owning a business.

Both owning a business and working as a consultant allow for a level of freedom you might not have experienced before during your career – and both could lead to higher salaries. However, you don’t need to necessarily choose. As an independent consultant, you can actually experience the benefits of both business ownership and consultant work, although you may find it easier to book clients if you have the experience of working with an established consulting company first.